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Demons of Downhill, Bainbridge, USA

The annual, Ohio downhill race was held on Oct.20-22nd. In the timed runs, Scott Peer (USA) did the best time in front of W.Focke (USA) and Olivier Fortier (Can). The group race has been won by Warren Focke, in front of S.Peer and O.Fortier.
More results on IGSA website.


D.Ladurner (Aut) (Photo Dim)

M.Phlippoteau (Fra) (Photo Dim)

IIDA world cup standings

After Lyon race, here are the IIDA World Cup rankings updated by IIDA.

IIDA WC ranking 06

Daniel Ladurner already won the 2006 World Cup in front of Harry Perna (Fra). Dominik Dobler (Aut) and E.Dumonteil (Fra) both still can get the 3rd place in the last event in Bainbridge, USA on Oct.21st.
Marjorie Phlippoteau (Fra), after her victory in Lyon, is also sure to win the 2006 world cup in front of Severine Thomas (Fra), the 2005 title holder. Valentina Liguori (Ita) should keep also her 3rd place after Bainbridge event.


E.Dumonteil (Fra) 4th place (photo DIM)

Lugdunum contest, Lyon (fra)

This downhill week-end in Lyon was a big success, more than 100 competitors took part in the different races. In the amateur competition on Saturday, N.Varin did the best time in front of D.Parent and G.Pinto. E.Sadoux won the amateur female competition in front of M.Marchand & A.Clinet.
In the pro final on Sunday, D.Ladurner (Aut), 2006 world champion, did the best time, a few tenths of seconds in front of H.Perna (Fra) ; N.Kaddaoui (Fra) finished at 3rd place about 3 seconds behind. With this victory, D.Ladurner should win the 2006 IIDA world cup in front of H.Perna. In the women World cup race, M.Phlippoteau (Fra) did the fastest run in front of S.Thomas (Fra) and E.Sadoux (Fra).
The last race was the very spectacular group race, in the men final, H.Perna and N.Kaddaoui finished at first and second place, followed by C.Montavon (Swi) and D.Ladurner (Aut). M.Phlippoteau won the women group race in front of S.Thomas and V.Liguori (Ita).
Full results here
Pictures Here (Dim)
Other Pictures Here


Downhill French Championship

The French Championship is going on everywhere in France. The latest race was held on Sept. 17 in Hautacam. S.Laffargue won the competition in front of F.Caron and D.Parent. S.Thomas won the girl category in front of M.Phlippoteau.

Two weeks before on Sept. 3rd, F.Caron won the race held in Climont-Station and organised by "Alsace Downhill", M.Prudent was 2nd and N.Varin was 3rd. M.Phlippoteau won the girl category.

The last step will be held during Lugdunum contest in Lyon in the middle of october.


Top Challenge, Montreal

The canadian race has been won by local skater Charles Beaudoin (Can) in front of S.Laffargue (Fra) and Y.Labarthe (Swi), G.Pinto (Fra) finished 4th in a very tight race.


Benoît Gamba has his own website !

Benoit Gamba, 2006 inline downhill vice-world champion, opened his website : here is the link
You will find his pictures, videos, and also lots of informations about him and his results, other passions...


Next week-end races

On September, 2nd and 3rd will be held several races :
1- Climont, France - French Championship race
Link for registration here / CND website /

2- Top Challenge, Montreal - International race
Event Website / Video here


Daniel Ladurner, winner at Izoard, is World cup's new leader

The duel Ladurner/Perna kept his word this week-end at Izoard race. The Austrian won the race in front of the french for only 0.22 seconds. D.Dobler (Aut) was 3rd, 2 seconds behind, followed by E.Dumonteil (Fra) and the young french G.Cattier (16 y.o.). D.Ladurner (Aut) takes the lead of the IIDA world cup 1 point in front of H.Perna (Fra) before the last competition in Lyon (Fra) next October.

Results here / IIDA W.cup ranking here


IIDA World cup 06 standings before Izoard World Cup

After 2 events, D.Ladurner (Aut) & H.Perna (Fra) lead the IIDA world ranking. B.Nurit (Fra) complete the top 3 with already 6 points behind the 2 leaders and only 2 points in front of D.Dobler (Aut).

The next step will be held on August 19-20 at Izoard, France. After this race, only one skater will lead the IIDA World cup...

06 IIDA world ranking / Izoard World Cup race


FIRS Downhill World Championship 06

The FIRS Downhill World Championship was held on last August 5-6th in Padova, Italy.
Daniel Ladurner (Aut) won the world title for the 3rd time in front of B.Gamba (Fra) and D.Dobler (Aut). S.Thomas (Fra) won the women title in front of M.Phlippoteau (Fra).
Full results soon available


IIDA world cup 2006 : 1st step : Albstadt, Germany

The first step of the IIDA world cup 2006 was held this week end in Germany (July 22-23). World Champion Harry Perna (Fra) won the race, in front of the two austrians Daniel Ladurner and Dominik Dobler, followed by Samir Hali (Fra/Mor) and Brice Nurit (Fra).
Full results soon online.


Downhill in Israël :

Here is the latest downhill video made by israelian skaters :


First official Israeli downhill championship :
Read the article by here : Article


IIDA World Cup 2006 :

After many cancellations, here are the provisory 2006 IIDA World cup events :

#1/ July 22-23 Albstadt-Ebingen, Germany
#2/ August 5-6 Teolo-Padova, Italy (FIRS world championship)
#3/ August 18-20 Izoard, France
#4/ October 14-15 Lugdunum contest, Lyon, France

Other events may be added later.


Downhill 2006 French Championship :

The 2006 downhill french championship is now official, here are the dates of the 5 races :
Plérin - Cotes d'Armor : April 22/23 2006 (Rennes Longskate, 2nd edition)
Locunolé - Finistère : June 24/25 2006 (AFD, 1st edition)
Céüze - Hautes-Alpes : August 19/20 2006 (Crash, 2nd edition)
Climont - Bas-Rhin : September 2/3 2006 (Alsace Downhill, 2nd edition)
Hautacam - Hautes-Pyrénées : September 16/17 2006 (BLC, 3rd edition)

More informations on CND website.


Video : Lugdunum contest's falls

Thanks to E.Dumonteil, here is a good video of the falls during the Lugdunum Contest which was held in Lyon last summer.

Download video here /


Dominik Dobler & Daniel Ladurner's Video

Inline Downhill Champions Dominik Dobler & Daniel Ladurner are participating to a video contest. In their crazy video shooted in Austria, you will see what they are able to do on skates... one advice : don't try this at home !

Video Here : FilmB

Don't Forget to vote for them here : (voting section, FilmB)


"Espace Glisse" Team 2006

For the next downhill season, french shop from Lyon -Espace Glisse- will sponsor a team composed by :

  • Harry Perna, France, 2005 Inline downhill World Champion
  • Samir Hali, Morrocco, 5th place 2005 IIDA World Cup
  • Eric Pastre, France, 11th place 2005 IIDA World Cup
  • Yann Bescond, France, 19th place 2005 IIDA World Cup
  • Lionel Lachenal, France, 14th place 2004 IIDA World Cup

Picture of the team available here.


Demons of Downhill, Bainbridge, Ohio, USA

Warren Focke (USA) won the competition, in front of Scott Peer (USA) and Mark Henley (USA).


Davide Tacchini (Ita), new IIDA President

D.Tacchini has been elected by the IIDA committee members to replace S.Laffargue at the head of the International Inline Downhill Association. After 3 years leading the association, S.Laffargue decided to quit it for professional reasons. "I think Davide will do a great work and that inline downhill will continue to grow thanks to him and all the work of the IIDA members".

One of the principal direction of the new president will be to reinforce the links with FIRS and with national downhill federations.


IIDA World cup #7, Albstadt-Ebingen, Germany

Benoît Gamba (Fra) won the last European Step of the IIDA World cup, in front of D.Dobler (Aut) and 2005 World Champion H.Perna (Fra). With this victory, B.Gamba reach the perfect score of 120 points in the IIDA World Cup and cannot be beaten anymore ; after 2003 and 2004, he wins his 3rd IIDA World Cup in a row. D.Ladurner(Aut), only 4th in Albstadt, will be ranked 2nd in the World cup final ranking in front of Dominik Dobler. Whatever would happen in the World Cup last step in USA, next October, it wouldn't change the podium.

In the women category, one more time, S.Thomas (Fra) won the competition, in front of M.Phlippoteau (Fra) and Sandra Ladurner (Aut). With this second place, Marjorie Phlipoteau came back on World Cup's second place, in front of S.Ladurner.

This competition was also the german downhill championship. Marco Kirschbaum (Ger) did the best time and became the new downhill champion of Germany in front of T.Frommlet and T.Wöhrle, the title holder.

Full results available here.IIDA World Cup ranking here


Top Challenge, Montreal, Canada

For the first inline downhill competition in Canada, S.Laffargue (Fra) won the group race, finishing in front of Y.Labarthe (Swi) and C.Baudoin (Can) in a very tight final race.

Results available here.

Some pictures Here and Here


French Championship, Climont-station

Brice Nurit (Fra) won the last step of the french championship, M.Prudent (Fra) finished at the second place and F.Caron (Fra) took the third place. M.Phlippoteau (Fra) won the women competition. With this victory, B.Nurit became the new downhill champion of France, in front of B.Gamba, who wasn't here, and F.Caron.

French Championship final ranking here.


Lords of the Hills, Austria

Victory for Dominik Dobler (Aut) in front of M.Gabrielli(Aut) & C.Lins(Aut)

Some pictures on event's website

IIDA latest news :
  • Link to IIDA Worldcup / German championship
  • Visit the website of the next IIDA World cup in Albstadt, Germany, which will be held on September 25th.
  • Here
  • Confirmation of IIDA World Cup step in USA
  • The "Demons of Downhill" event, in Bainbridge, Ohio, USA confirmed the participation to IIDA World Cup 2005. This event will be held from October 13th to October 16th and will be the last step of IIDA World Cup 2005.
  • More informations about the event on its website.
  • Here

5th step of the French Championship, Ceüze

F.Caron (Fra) won the competition in front of S.Thomas & D.Tacchini (Ita). With this victory, F.Caron comes back on the 2nd place behind B.Gamba and can still win the title in the last event which will be held in Climont-Station on September 3-4th. In the inline-X (group race), F.Caron won the final, in front of S.Thomas & M.Bjornkjaer (Dnk).

S.Thomas, 2nd in the men's race, won the women category and is already 2005 Champion of France.


IIDA World cup #6, Teolo-Padova, Italy

Victory for Daniel Ladurner (Aut) in front of B.Nurit (Fra) and S.Hali (Mor). With this victory, D.Ladurner came back on the first place of IIDA World Cup, with the same amount of points as B.Gamba (Fra). B.Nurit & S.Hali confirmed their good latest results with their podiums. S.Thomas (Fra) won the women competition in front of M.Phlippoteau (Fra) and S.Ladurner (Aut).

In the group downhill race, B.Nurit (Fra) finished first in front of D.Ladurner (Aut) and A.Vecchi (Ita). M.Phlippoteau (Fra) won the women group race in front of S.Thomas (Fra) and S.Ladurner (Aut).

Full results available here / IIDA WC ranking here


IIDA World cup #5, Chabanon-Selonnet, France

Benoît Gamba (Fra) won easily the competition, 9 seconds in front of D.Ladurner(Aut), S.Hali (Mor) went on his first international podium finishing at the 3rd place. S.Thomas(Fra) won the women competition and after 4 races, she has already won the 2005 IIDA world cup. M.Phlippoteau (Fra) took the second place and E.Sadoux (Fra) finished third.

Full results here. IIDA WC ranking here.


FIRS Inline Downhill World Championship, Lyon, France

Big surprise in Lyon, Harry Perna (Fra), 17 years old, became 2005 Inline Downhill World Champion. Almost unknown on the international downhill scene, H.Perna has been the best in the world championship final run with a time of 2min11sec, less than a second faster than Dominik Dobler (Aut) who took the second place. N.Kaddaoui (Fra) finished third. The favourites B.Gamba (Fra), best time of the day with 2min 10sec, and D.Ladurner (Aut), fell in their run and couldn't reach the podium.

Without surprise, S.Thomas (Fra) won her 3rd title in the women competition in front of M.Phlippoteau (Fra) and S.Ladurner (Aut).

Results : FIRS World Championship / IIDA World Cup


IIDA World cup #2 & #3, San Columban, Italy

The first race has been won by D.Ladurner (Aut), in front of D.Dobler (Aut) and B.Gamba (Fra). S.Thomas (Fra) won the women race in front of S.Ladurner (Aut) and V.Liguori (Ita). The IIDA members and the riders decided together not to give IIDA world cup points for the second race of Sunday. D.Ladurner, with this victory, is the new leader of the IIDA world cup.

Full results available here. / IIDA world cup ranking here


Changes in the IIDA World Cup schedule

Some modifications have been done in the IIDA World Cup races calendar.

The Inline Downhill German championship which will be held on September 25th in Albstadt will count for IIDA world cup 2005.

During the San-Columban downhill event in Italy on July 2nd & 3rd, two races will give points for the IIDA world cup. The first race will be on Saturday and the second race will be on Sunday.

More informations on IIDA website


Inline Downhill in Barrett Junction (USA)

An inline downhill competition was held on June 5th in Barrett Junction, USA. The best US downhill skaters were here to win the race and Scott Peer took the first place, in front of George Merkert & Warren Focke.


IIDA World Cup, Lechtal, Austria

As last year, Benoît Gamba (Fra) won the first World Cup of the year in front of D.Ladurner (Aut) & D.Dobler (Aut). S.Thomas won the women race in front of S.Ladurner (Aut). This event was also the Austrian Championship and D.Ladurner is the new Champion of Austria 2005 in front of D.Dobler and C.Lins.

Full results available here / Pictures here


Brice Nurit surprises everybody at Downhill French cup in Valberg

The second step of the inline downhill french cup was held on Sunday, May 29th in Valberg. In this competition, the big favourite was Benoit Gamba, winner of the 2004 inline downhill world cup. But the big performance came from Brice Nurit, who has surprised everybody for his first race. After the first run, B.Gamba was first as everybody expected, in front of his brother JB.Gamba and B.Nurit was only 3rd. In the second run B.Nurit was faster and did the best time for only 0.2 seconds in front of B.Gamba who improved his time too. S.Laffargue, improved his second run for 4 seconds and finally took the third place in front of JB.Gamba. S.Thomas won the women downhill competition.

Full results available here. Pictures available here


2005 IIDA World Cup

The IIDA World Cup 2005 will begin soon. The events are following :

  • #1 June 4-5th - Lechtal, Austria
    #2 July 2nd - San-Columban Downhill, Italy
  • #3 July 3rd - San-Columban Downhill 2, Italy
    #4 July 8-10th - Lugdunum contest, Lyon, France (World Championship)
    #5 July 15-18th - Chabanon, Selonnet, France
    #6 August 6-7th - Teolo-Padova, Italy
  • #7 September 25th - Albstadt, Germany
  • #8 October 13-16th - Bainbridge, Ohio, USA

You can also consult the iida website to have more informations.


Fabien Caron won the first step of Downhill French Cup

F.Caron did the best time in the city of Plouha, France, in front of S.Laffargue and H.Begir. After a good first run in 1min19sec , he improved his time in the second run for 1 second to finish in 1min18sec. S.Laffargue, did 1min19sec in the second run and couldn't beat him.

M.Phlippoteau, with 1min25sec, won the women category.


Inline Downhill French Championship 2005

Here are the 6 events which will give points for the first inline downhill French Championship :

1# May 6-7 Plouha
2# May 28-29 Valberg
3# July 8-10 Lugdunum Contest Lyon (FIRS World Champ.)
4# July 15-18 Chabanon-Selonnet (IIDA World Cup)
5# August 20-21 Cëuze
6# September 3-4 Climont-Station

More informations available on Next events page.


Lyon, France got the organisation of 2005 FIRS Inline Downhill World Championship

After a sucessful first edition of the "Lugdunum Contest", FIRS gave the organisation of 6th inline downhill world championship to the association "Generations Roller". « It's excellent news! France will host for the first time the Inline Downhill World Championships and it will be in Lyon ! It's a beautiful present which award those two years of hard work » declared Florent Porras, Generations Roller president. The 2004 track, "montée de l’Observance", which did unanimity with riders and spectators, will be kept... The « Lugdunum Contest » will be held on 8th, 9th and 10th july 2005.

Soon more informations on

Lyon vs Padova : 2005 Inline Downhill World Championship

The organisator for 2005 inline downhill world championship should be known at the end of the month. There are two candidate cities to host the FIRS world championship 2005 : Lyon (France) and Padova (Italy). The two organisations did very good events in 2004 and are very good places for a world championship. After R.Marotta and the CIC will have analysed and compared the two candidates, the FIRS will make a final choice. Hard choice, but wherever it will be, we are sure to have another great world championship in 2005.